Derivative Accounting & Hedge Program Management
  • The Hedge Program Experts

    Hedge Trackers offers a full suite of derivative accounting & corporate hedge program management solutions.

    With offerings ranging from hedge accounting software and hedge program consulting to fully outsourced derivative accounting, we empower clients to confidently and effectively mitigate their foreign currency, interest rate and commodity risk.

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  • Hedge Accounting Software

    Developed by Hedge Trackers’ team of experts, Capella is an integrated hedge program management software that empowers corporates to mitigate FX risk.

    Capella solutions allow for efficient, accurate management of the entire lifecycle of a hedging relationship, from strategy and initial trading to exposure tracking, trade management, journal entry preparation and disclosure reporting. It’s hedge accounting software – and much more.

  • Hedge Program Consulting

    Our foreign currency, interest rate and commodity consultants give clients the tools and knowledge they need for risk mitigation success.

    Whatever the need – understanding the accounting and economic nuances of underlying exposures, hedge instrument evaluation, audit support or nearly anything else – we impart valuable, actionable information at every turn.

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  • Outsourced Hedge Accounting

    Our outsourced derivative accounting services allow clients to augment their staff with specialized hedge accountants.

    Engaging with Hedge Trackers allows corporations to simply and efficiently entrust derivative accounting tasks to a proven provider – ensuring accuracy, mitigating risk and alleviating resource constraints.

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  • Hedge Program Training

    Our knowledge transfer program provides training and education focused on relevant industry topics, including modifications to GAAP standards.

    Guidance and best practices on exposure quantification, hedge accounting and trading protocols change regularly—and the interpretation thereof by auditors change more regularly. We can help.

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  • Manage FX & derivative accounting risks
  • Ensure U.S. & IFRS GAAP compliance
  • Improve efficiency & reduce exposures
  • Consistently meet auditor expectations
  • Standardize controls
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The Hedge Trackers Blog

At Hedge Trackers, we’re proud to serve as the voice of the corporate hedging community. Whether you need updates on changes to GAAP, tips on getting the most out of hedge accounting software or the latest best practices for FX, interest rate or commodity hedging, you’ve come to the right place.

Net Investment Hedges to Protect Repatriated Earnings

Posted by Helen Kane

With the prospect of off-shore cash moving back to the US, and much of it currently denominated in EUR or other volatile foreign currencies, when should treasury departments be protecting the USD value of these soon-to-be repatriated amounts? The EUR has been trending stronger, but will that change when billions of EUR denominated profits held… read more

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Software Spotlight: Entity and Strategy Setup – Account Break-out for Unrealized and Realized FX Gain/Loss

Posted by Kelly Frank

Another great feature of the multiple account functionality is that now CapellaFX breaks out Unrealized FX gain/loss from Realized FX gain/loss and different account numbers can be set up for these accounts as well.  CapellaFX will automatically post reversing entries to Unrealized FX G/L and hard-book entries to Realized FX G/L. Both realized and unrealized… read more

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Software Spotlight: How to Access CapellaFX Help Videos

Posted by Annebelle Syrimis

CapellaFX users can access help right at their fingertips with the new resource library that includes instructional videos. Videos can be easily accessed via the “Help Videos” icon in the bottom right corner on the main CapellaFX application page adjacent to the “Client Support” icon. The library currently consists of videos pertaining to accessing and… read more

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ASU 2017-12 Impact on Derivative Disclosures

Posted by Helen Kane

Most hedge programs could see a big win with FASB recently released updated hedge accounting guidance, ASU 815, but the “cost” of these improvements is an additional table summarizing all derivatives impacting income from both cash flow and fair value hedges.

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Software Spotlight: Entity and Strategy Setup – Multiple Account Functionality for ALL Accounts

Posted by Kelly Frank

CapellaFX now has the flexibility to store multiple accounts for each and every account, not just the Effective, Ineffective and Excluded accounts. To update your accounts, open the Entity Setup window. Step 1: In the General Ledger Accounts tab, select an Entity, then select “Unlock GL Accounts” at the bottom of the screen. Note: that… read more

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Software Spotlight: Trading a New Currency

Posted by Karen Gubler

Setting up a new currency is straightforward in CapellaFX if you follow these steps: Step 1: Activate the currency. Click on the Company Setup module located on the CapellaFX home screen and select Active Currencies” tab.  In the All Currencies column, select the new currency and click the right arrow button to move it to… read more

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Software Spotlight: Batch Close Feature

Posted by Eugenia Shen

Instead of closing each entity in CapellaFX separately, use the “Batch Close All Entities” feature to close all the entities that are in Prelim status at the same time.  These entities can have a mix of designated and non-designated trades. Step 1: To use the functionality, make sure to check “Batch Close All Entities” on… read more

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Software Spotlight: Entity and Strategy Setup – Account Break-out for Short Term/Long Term Assets, Liabilities and OCI

Posted by Kelly Frank

A big benefit of the ability to store multiple accounts is that now you can assign different account numbers for short-term and long-term assets and liabilities. CapellaFX Summary and Detail reports have been breaking out the amounts, but now you can assign different account numbers to distinguish the short term from long term accounts.  The… read more

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The Rising EURO- Showcases the Advantages of Hedge Accounting

Posted by Jim Shepard

The critical role of hedging global operations is rarely recognized. Read on as we examine the importance and how it can save your company’s earnings.   Currency movements – whether overnight surprises like the GBP’s free fall the morning after Brexit (the UK’s vote to withdraw from the EU) or the slow rise of the… read more

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New Hedge Accounting Guidance Prep Checkup

Posted by Glenn Suarez

The new FASB hedge accounting guidance will make hedge accounting a more attractive and flexible option for corporations and financial institutions.

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Explaining Variation in FX Forecast

Posted by Hedge Trackers

Hedge Trackers publishes both monthly and quarterly FX fluctuation rate charts to help provide potential explanation for variation in FX forecasting.

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Software Spotlight: Using the Copy Feature

Posted by Neil Mirakhur

Save time in CapellaFX by using the copy button in the trade window. This feature eliminates having to input data more than once.

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Hedge Trackers’ Solution to Manage Currency
and Accounting Risk

Posted by Jim Shepard

Hedge Trackers developed plan that mitigates currency risk without increasing accounting risk for a company needing to stop missing forecasts due to currency movements.

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Targeted Improvements to Hedge Accounting: Latest Update

Posted by Ruth Hardie

The FASB continues to fine-tune its improvements to hedge accounting rules, which are due for final release later this quarter with early adoption available at the start of a company’s fiscal year.

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World-Class Training

As the industry’s lone provider of practical, guidance-driven training in risk management and derivative accounting, Hedge Trackers is committed to educating and edifying the wider finance community.

Whether attended in person or via remote webinar, our CPE-qualified training sessions distill our team’s years of experience into succinct, actionable information that helps attendees perform their jobs more effectively.

Foreign Currency

Our Foreign Currency training track includes a wide range of beginner, intermediate and expert-level topics pertaining to ASC 815 (FAS 133) and ASC 830 (FAS 52). Courses cover both hedge program strategy and the intricacies of hedge accounting itself.

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Interest Rates

Courses in our Interest Rate hedging training track primarily cover topics related to ASC 815 (FAS 133), including both hedge program strategy and derivative accounting. Beginner, intermediate and entry-level training classes are available.

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Courses in our Commodity hedging training track primarily cover topics related to ASC 815 (FAS 133), as well as the dramatic impact of 2016’s GAAP modifications on commodity hedgers. Beginner, intermediate and entry-level training classes are available.

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