Derivative Accounting & Hedge Program Management
  • The Hedge Program Experts

    Hedge Trackers offers a full suite of derivative accounting & corporate hedge program management solutions.

    With offerings ranging from hedge accounting software and hedge program consulting to fully outsourced derivative accounting, we empower clients to confidently and effectively mitigate their foreign currency, interest rate and commodity risk.

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  • Hedge Accounting Software

    Developed by Hedge Trackers’ team of experts, Capella is an integrated hedge program management software suite empowering corporates to mitigate FX and interest rate risk.

    Capella solutions allow for efficient, accurate management of the entire lifecycle of a hedging relationship, from strategy and initial trading to exposure tracking, trade management, journal entry preparation and disclosure reporting. It’s hedge accounting software – and much more.

  • Hedge Program Consulting

    Our foreign currency, interest rate and commodity consultants give clients the tools and knowledge they need for risk mitigation success.

    Whatever the need – understanding the accounting and economic nuances of underlying exposures, hedge instrument evaluation, audit support or nearly anything else – we impart valuable, actionable information at every turn.

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  • Outsourced Hedge Accounting

    Our outsourced derivative accounting services allow clients to augment their staff with specialized hedge accountants.

    Engaging with Hedge Trackers allows corporations to simply and efficiently entrust derivative accounting tasks to a proven provider – ensuring accuracy, mitigating risk and alleviating resource constraints.

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  • Hedge Program Training

    Our knowledge transfer program provides training and education focused on relevant industry topics, including modifications to GAAP standards.

    Guidance and best practices on exposure quantification, hedge accounting and trading protocols change regularly—and the interpretation thereof by auditors change more regularly. We can help.

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  • Manage FX & derivative accounting risks
  • Ensure U.S. & IFRS GAAP compliance
  • Improve efficiency & reduce exposures
  • Consistently meet auditor expectations
  • Standardize controls
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The Hedge Trackers Blog

At Hedge Trackers, we’re proud to serve as the voice of the corporate hedging community. Whether you need updates on changes to GAAP, tips on getting the most out of hedge accounting software or the latest best practices for FX, interest rate or commodity hedging, you’ve come to the right place.

Software Spotlight: How to Print Multiple Trade Tickets

Posted by Rebecca Judge

CapellaFX providers users with the ability to print multiple trade tickets at once.

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Hedging Balance Sheet Risk: Going From Good to Great

Posted by Jim Shepard

In some respects, Treasury has a dual burden where Balance Sheet hedging is concerned.

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More Good News from the FASB

Posted by Ruth Hardie

On February 15th, the FASB re-deliberated the previously proposed prohibition of returning to qualitative effectiveness testing after a change in facts and circumstances.

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Private Companies – More Hedge Accounting Wins

Posted by Ruth Hardie

On February 15th, the FASB discussed potential changes to the requirements for hedge documentation for private companies.

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Next Steps for FASB Exposure Draft on Hedging

Posted by Ruth Hardie

The FASB reaffirmed many of the decisions made in the original exposure draft issued September 8, 2016, however, they will continue to discuss the following issues raised by constituents in the two meetings detailed below.

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Hedge Accounting Exposure Draft: Key Items Agreed Upon at Recent FASB Meeting

Posted by Ruth Hardie

The FASB met recently to discuss the results of the public outreach. They collated the input from 15 comment letters, 30 investors, 2 public roundtables with 18 participants each and the private company council meeting on December 13th.

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Variation Margin changes for Cleared Derivatives

Posted by Ruth Hardie

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the London Clearing House (LCH) have changed the rules such that variation margin is now legally characterized as settlements as opposed to collateral.

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Software Spotlight: Capella’s Management Reporting Dashboard

Posted by Eugenia Shen

Capella’s Management Reporting Dashboard provides users with a vehicle to show metrics and views to their specific needs.

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Answers for Every Corporate Hedger

Posted by Helen Kane

If you’re reading the Hedge Trackers blog, you’re probably responsible for helping your company mitigate foreign currency, interest rate or commodity risk.

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FASB Roundtable: ‘Good Enough’ Draft Not Perfect, but Ready

Posted by Helen Kane

The pursuit of a “perfect” update to ASC 815 shouldn’t get in the way of a timely release of the current “good enough” draft.

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Parking Cash Abroad is Risky. Here’s What Treasurers Can Do.

Posted by Helen Kane

It is quite common for U.S. corporations with foreign functional entities to leave cash overseas until an American tax holiday makes it advantageous to convert it to USD.

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FASB Changes: How Should Commodity Hedgers Prepare?

Posted by Sandra Koch

The new ability for commodity hedgers to bifurcate risk should relax restrictions to gaining special hedge accounting. But there’s a catch.

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Apples and Oranges: the Time Value Component of Options vs. Forwards

Posted by Glenn Suarez

Currency hedgers have the choice of including or excluding time value in effectiveness testing when applying cash flow hedge accounting to derivatives hedging forecasted FX-denominated transactions.

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Points Well Taken: Revisiting Effectiveness Methods, in the Context of Proposed Hedge Accounting Rules

Posted by Glenn Suarez

The FASB’s proposed changes to its hedge accounting model may provide an impetus for hedgers to reassess their current approaches to effectiveness testing and consider how they might best benefit from the future rules as they are likely to be structured.

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World-Class Training

As the industry’s lone provider of practical, guidance-driven training in risk management and derivative accounting, Hedge Trackers is committed to educating and edifying the wider finance community.

Whether attended in person or via remote webinar, our CPE-qualified training sessions distill our team’s years of experience into succinct, actionable information that helps attendees perform their jobs more effectively.

Foreign Currency

Our Foreign Currency training track includes a wide range of beginner, intermediate and expert-level topics pertaining to ASC 815 (FAS 133) and ASC 830 (FAS 52). Courses cover both hedge program strategy and the intricacies of hedge accounting itself.

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Interest Rates

Courses in our Interest Rate hedging training track primarily cover topics related to ASC 815 (FAS 133), including both hedge program strategy and derivative accounting. Beginner, intermediate and entry-level training classes are available.

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Courses in our Commodity hedging training track primarily cover topics related to ASC 815 (FAS 133), as well as the dramatic impact of 2016’s GAAP modifications on commodity hedgers. Beginner, intermediate and entry-level training classes are available.

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