Derivative Accounting & Hedge Program Management



  • Manage FX & derivative accounting risks
  • Improve efficiency & reduce exposures
  • Standardize controls
  • Ensure U.S. & IFRS GAAP compliance
  • Consistently meet auditor expectations

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World Class Training

Accounting guidance, best practices and auditor interpretations on exposure quantification, hedge accounting and trading protocols change regularly.

Our Hedge Trackers Academy training series includes in-person sessions and webinars designed to keep our clients (and other professionals) ahead of the curve.

  • Jun11
    ASC 830 (FAS 52) Foreign Currency Intro

    Introduction to Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions Workshop Learn about Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions, Understanding Foreign Currency Gains and…

  • Jul14
    ASC 815 (FAS 133) FX Intro

    Introduction to Foreign Currency Hedge Accounting Workshop Develop a solid foundation of the Key Concepts of ASC 815: Derivatives and…

  • Jul16
    ASC 815 (FAS 133) Commodity Basics

    Derivative Accounting Basics for Commodities (Webinar) This webinar is designed for those who are new to derivative accounting for commodity…

  • Jul22
    ASC 815 (FAS 133) IR Advanced

    Advanced Concepts in Interest Rate Hedge Accounting This workshop exposes participants to more advanced interest rate hedge accounting concepts applicable…

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Case Studies

For more than a decade, Hedge Trackers has worked hard to provide corporations with highly effective, understandable solutions to their most vexing hedge program challenges.

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  • Polycom

    Hedge Trackers' RTZ analytics tool has reduced Polycom’s FX Gain/Loss performance reporting process from days to hours.

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  • Tellabs

    Tellabs' treasury team was tasked with doing more with less. The RTZ analytics tool for CapellaFX made it possible.

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