Lessons Learned From CEO Helen Kane: Interview With Thrive Global

In a recent interview feature with Thrive Global, Hedge Trackers founder and CEO Helen Kane reflects on the lessons she has learned in her journey from taking the leap as an entrepreneur, carving out a niche in hedge accounting and attracting top talent with a unique, flexible work model.

Kane drives home the importance of risk-taking in a career, especially for women who have statistical odds stacked against them.

I hope the women that read about other women taking risks will feel emboldened to take risks,” Kane notes. “Measured, thoughtful and appropriate risks (I’m in finance so I can’t resist the caveat),” she emphasizes.

Throughout the interview, she shares anecdotes and words of wisdom to women navigating their way to the top. She also directs advice to employers who are looking to re-attract talented individuals to the workforce in a way that is financially and professionally rewarding for the employer, employee, and communities.

To read the full interview, click here.

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