CEO Helen Kane Talks Flexible Work Model on Treasury Talent Podcast

CEO Helen Kane sits down with Simon Lynch at The Treasury Talent Podcast, a show that unites the treasury community to share insights and inspire diversity in the space.

The traditionally male-dominated treasury space has a history of poorly leveraging part-time or remote workers. Even today, some say a flexible work model just isn’t possible in the ever-evolving, nuanced field.

Helen begs to differ.

As founder and CEO of Hedge Trackers – a company that has thrived for 19 years and counting – Helen paved the way for returning moms and semi-retired treasurers who are equipped with invaluable expertise to work part-time and remotely.

“It’s [finding] a match [between] what people are interested in and capable of, and the needs of the company. Both needs have to be met for this model to work,” she emphasizes.

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