Helen Kane Interviewed by AFP on COVID-19 Impact on Foreign Exchange Market

Hedge Trackers founder and CEO, Helen Kane, was featured in a web interview with Tom Hunt, CTP, director of treasury services for AFP, to answer how treasury and finance professionals can navigate the foreign exchange market in today’s volatile conditions.

As part of a new series by AFP focusing on how treasury and finance professionals are managing the widespread upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Helen was able to share her predictions for the foreign exchange market in both the short and long-term.

“Companies really have to look at, ‘Are my underlying anticipated transactions disappearing, or can I take advantage of these exceptional circumstances?’” says Helen during the interview. “As we’re here at quarter-end, I’m really inviting companies who are executing their normal hedge to stop, think, and engage their FX committees to ask, ‘Is this what we want to do?’”

To view the full-length interview, click here.