Hedge Trackers Supports Early Adopters of ASU 2017-12

Capella Foreign Currency & Interest Rate Hedging SoftwareHedge Trackers, a premier provider of hedge program management solutions for foreign currency, interest rate and commodity risk, today announced that early adoption of ASU 2017-12 is being supported through its outsourcing services and its derivative accounting software, CapellaFX.

ASU 2017-12 was released by the FASB last August 2017 to provide more flexibility than the former rules and makes hedge accounting a more attractive option for corporations and financial institutions. Businesses using or anticipating the use of foreign exchange (FX), interest rate (IR) and commodities hedge programs as part of their financial planning need to be aware of these changes for successful implementation and management of such a program.

“Clients have until the end of the year to start meeting the new requirements. However, we’ve been working with early adopters in our client base across all asset classes,” said Karen Gubler, director, FX and commodities, Hedge Trackers. “We’ve been receiving feedback that some other platforms aren’t ready for the conversion. It’s a great position to be in to say to our clients, ‘We’re ready when you are.’”

“Our interest rate team has been converting clients who are taking advantage of the new strategies available to interest rate hedgers,” said Ruth Hardie, senior director, client services, Hedge Trackers. “Our specialists ensure that you receive the best that hedge accounting offers whether you are looking to fix variable interest or protect the value of fixed rate assets or liabilities.”

About Hedge Trackers, LLC

For nearly two decades, Hedge Trackers’ globally compliant financial accounting and reporting services have empowered U.S. corporations to effectively and confidently hedge foreign currency, interest rate, and commodity risk. Hedge Trackers offers derivative accounting capabilities, consulting services, training courses and CapellaFX – an integrated hedge program management software that empowers corporations to mitigate FX risk. The Silicon Valley-based company has set up successful hedge programs for hundreds of Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, visit the company at and follow the company on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.