Hedge Trackers Launches Webinar Series Covering FX Basics

Hedge Trackers, a leading provider of risk management solutions and technologies that empower companies to protect interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price risk, has launched a six-part series on the fundamentals of hedging to respond to customer needs.

Designed for newcomers to hedging, “Foreign Exchange Boot Camp” walks participants through basic topics, from FX market, accounting and hedge strategies to internal and external performance reporting. Throughout the series, participants will acquire a solid understanding of foreign currency hedging and how it applies to their own programs.

“These courses make hedge accounting accessible to a broad range of participants,” said Karen Gubler, Director of Foreign Exchange and Commodities. “We’re excited to offer this new series, complete with CPE credit and free of charge.”

The first session of the series, FX Market Basics, kicks off on Thursday, October 17 at 10:00 AM PT. Participants can register for this series (and other Hedge Trackers webinars) by clicking here.

About Hedge Trackers, LLC

For 20 years and counting, Hedge Trackers has delivered end-to-end risk management solutions to clients across a wide variety of industries who face foreign currency, interest rate and commodity price risk. The Silicon Valley-based, woman-owned company offers clients a tailored blend of technology, outsourcing, consulting and training services to address an organization’s specific risk profile. Capella’s technology suite provides the necessary infrastructure for clients to collect, comply and communicate exposures, hedge designations, accounting and disclosures – empowering them to take control of their risk management processes and protect their margins.

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