Hedge Trackers Launches New Website

The new website motivates visitors to implement and manage hedge programs with the right mix of Hedge Trackers’ software, consulting and outsourced accounting services.

new website

Hedge Trackers, a premier provider of hedge program management solutions and software for foreign currency, interest rate and commodity risk, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at

The new website’s homepage puts people at the center, providing visitors with a clear view of what makes Hedge Trackers a leading provider of hedge program and derivative accounting solutions: technology and tools supported by expert derivative accountants.

The intuitive navigation and straightforward, user-friendly design allow visitors to quickly travel from page to page and fully grasp what Hedge Trackers has to offer – and why their organization needs to care about hedging. The new website guides visitors through exactly how to craft a risk management solution with the right mix of software, consulting support and outsourced accounting services.

Putting all of the risk management pieces together, the new website also features brand new pages, including:

“I’m very pleased with the bold look and feel of our new website,” said Helen Kane, founder and CEO of Hedge Trackers. “Margins matter – so we aimed to create a new website that communicates to our prospects and customers that we can help them protect margin from currency, interest rate and commodity risk. Highlighting our unique blend of technical tools, talent and training was imperative to the design in order to provide the most accurate picture of what it’s like to partner with us. I am proud of how Hedge Trackers’ values and expertise are communicated through our new site.”

About Hedge Trackers, LLC

For nearly two decades, Hedge Trackers’ globally compliant derivative accounting and reporting services have empowered U.S. corporations to effectively and confidently hedge foreign currency, interest rate and commodity price risk. Hedge Trackers offers derivative accounting capabilities and consulting services, in addition to CapellaFX – an integrated hedge program management software that empowers corporations to mitigate FX risk. The Silicon Valley-based company has set up successful hedge programs for hundreds of Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, visit the company at and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.