Hedge Trackers’ Glenn Suarez to Speak at 2018 San Francisco Treasury Symposium

Glenn Suarez, Director of Client Services at Hedge Trackers, and Michael Young, Senior Treasury Manager at Juniper Networks, will speak in a joint session at the 2018 San Francisco Treasury Symposium scheduled for May 18 in San Francisco, California.

Suarez and Young will speak on Friday, May 18 at 3:10 p.m. regarding alternatives to traditional hedging programs to meet corporate key objectives. They will also analyze the costs and benefits of sticking to a traditional layered hedge program.

Hedge Trackers’ Director of Client Services, Glenn Suarez, has nearly three decades of finance experience and is committed to the success of his clients by keeping up with the most recent accounting rules set forth by the ASC 815.

Senior Treasury Manager and Head of Capital Markets at Juniper Networks, Michael Young, is responsible for corporate finance and capital markets activities, including FX risk management, DCM, investments, capital return strategy and cash flow.

The 2018 San Francisco Treasury Symposium is a one-day conference packed with over 350 finance and treasury professionals, experienced keynote speakers, numerous educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

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