Hedge Trackers Announces New Training Academy Webinar and Workshop Dates

Hedge Trackers, a premier advisor to and technology provider for corporations using hedges and hedge accounting to protect margin, has announced the dates for its 3Q and 4Q Training Academy webinars and workshops.

Providing meaningful learning opportunities for our clients andother treasury and accounting professionals at large and mid-sized corporations is a primary tenet of Hedge Trackers’ philosophy,” said Helen Kane, president and founder. “No matter what vehicle we use to share our insights and knowledge – whether it’s a webinar, workshop or on-site with a particular client, we aim to provide unparalleled insight into important issues in our sector, ranging from hedge documentation to derivative and hedging transactions. We understand that accounting best practices and audit approaches continue to evolve so these training sessions, led by our team of seasoned professionals who monitor the pulse of the ever-changing accounting landscape, provide those insights to help clients better understand the climate in which they are working.”

In the ever-evolving hedge environment, remaining current and well informed is crucial. As a result, Hedge Trackers has taken a robust commitment to the education of clients and industry professionals in the areas of derivative accounting and hedge program management. As part of its knowledge transfer program, Hedge Trackers training sessions provide the necessary guidance, insight and training required to remain on the cutting edge and abreast of industry shifts.

Training Academy sessions planned for 3Q and 4Q 2014 include:

To learn more about Hedge Trackers’ Training Academy or to register to attend, click here.

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