Helen Kane Featured in Compliance Week on Constant Currency Reporting

As the trade and tariff wars continue, companies are beginning to turn more frequently to non-GAAP accounting to try to explain the resulting currency volatility in reported financial results.

Hedge Trackers’ Sandra Koch Featured in Accounting Today

Sandra Koch weighs in on the most disruptive changes regarding the hedge accounting guidance under U.S. GAAP and IFRS.

Hedge Trackers’ CapellaFX Featured in FiREapps and Sanmina Case Study

Capella FX, our foreign currency software, recently helped play a role in helping FiREapps transition Sanmina to an automated FX program.

Hedge Trackers’ Helen Kane to Speak at Financial Accounting & Reporting Update Conference

Ms. Kane will speak on Wednesday, May 23rd from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT to educate accounting professionals on how to hedge interest rate, currency and commodity risks under the new ASU 2017-12 FASB rules.

Hedge Trackers’ Helen Kane Weighs in on FASB Updates to ASC-815 in the Global Treasurer

In this Global Treasurer article, Hedge Trackers CEO Helen Kane weighs in on the impact ASC-815 is having on everything from accounting processes to hedge strategies as a whole.

Hedge Trackers’ Sandra Koch to Speak at 2018 Windy City Summit

Koch will present on the recent updates to ASU 2017-12 and how to optimize hedging under the new rules in session, “Channel the Change: Get Ready for the New Hedge Rules!”

Hedge Trackers’ Glenn Suarez to Speak at 2018 San Francisco Treasury Symposium

Suarez to discuss traditional hedging programs and alternatives in order to meet key objectives in corporate hedge programs.

Hedge Trackers’ Glenn Suarez to Speak at Annual SoCal Association for Financial Professionals’ Expo

Suarez to discuss derivative accounting rules providing opportunities for hedgers previously restrained by accounting complexity

Hedge Trackers’ Sandra Koch to Speak at Minnesota Association for Financial Professionals’ Conference

Koch to discuss currency movements and the impact on international companies and their reported earnings.