Helen Kane to Speak on Staying and Being Relevant at LeanUp Event

Helen Kane, our founder and CEO, will be speaking at a private LeanUp meeting for investment leaders in treasury on a panel about “Staying and Being Relevant.”

Hedge Trackers Joins AFP Task Force as Voice for Corporate Treasuries

As a part of AFP’s task force for informing Corporate Treasury departments on the LIBOR transition, we’re committed to guiding corporates throughout the entire process.

CEO Helen Kane to Present at San Francisco Treasury Management Association Meeting

On November 19,2019, the SFTMA is hosting an event titled ‘Who is Hedging What … and Why?’ – and Hedge Trackers CEO Helen Kane will be leading the discussion.

Senior Director of Client Services Ruth Hardie Talks LIBOR on AFP Conversations Podcast

At AFP 2019, Senior Director of Client Services Ruth Hardie talked with Robert Owens of Farmer Mac at the AFP Conversations podcast booth about the implications of the LIBOR transition for financial professionals.

Hedge Trackers’ Sandra Koch to Speak at Financial Accounting & Reporting Update Conference 2019

On November 14 at 1:00 PM at ACS Live’s Financial Accounting & Reporting Update Conference, Sandra Koch will lead a session on “Hedge Accounting Post ASU 2017-12: Where We Landed and Where Are We Headed Next.”

Hedge Trackers Welcomes Chenchu Chilamakuri as Software Development Manager

Joining the team is our newly appointed Software Development Manager, Chenchu Chilamakuri! Her expertise will help us further expand our technology offerings.

Hedge Trackers’ Sandra Koch to Speak at Dairy Purchasing & Risk Management Seminar

Hedge Trackers’ Director of Client Services Sandra Koch will be speaking on a panel at American Dairy Products Institute and CME Group’s Dairy Purchasing & Risk Management Seminar on November 15.

Hedge Trackers Launches Webinar Series Covering FX Basics

Foreign Exchange Boot Camp is here! Don’t miss our six-part series on the fundamentals of FX hedging.

3 Hedge Trackers Team Members to Speak at AFP Annual Conference

Hedge Trackers team members Sandra Koch, Ruth Hardie and Glenn Suarez will be speaking at AFP 2019 about FX hedging, LIBOR and interest rate differentials