Meet The Team


Helen founded Hedge Trackers in 2000 as a FAS 133 consulting and outsourcing firm serving Fortune 100 to 1000 companies. Since then, she’s grown the firm into the premier provider of hedge program solutions, delivering outsourced derivative accounting, software, consulting and training services.

Helen Kane

Based in Hedge Trackers’ Chicago office, which she established, Sandra Koch works with clients on an individual basis to provide item and effectiveness testing, as well as derivative accounting setup and support.

Sandra Koch
Director, Client Services

Sathyan Catari leads the software development team for Hedge Trackers, ensuring Capella remains a best-in-class, client-ready solution. Sathyan has more than 10 years of experience in software development and team leadership. He holds an MS in information systems.

Sathyan Catari
Chief Technology Officer

Karen Gubler, CPA oversees Hedge Trackers’ outsourced team of derivative accountants and ensures the team is able to deliver unparalleled customer service and support for Capella Foreign Currency software, Hedge Trackers’ proprietary FX hedge accounting solution.

Karen Gubler
Director, Foreign Currency and Commodities

Farah Lotia has expertise in valuations and measurement of exotic hedging including basis caps, knock-out swaps and commodity structures. A CFA Charterholder, Farah holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration.

Farah Lotia
Director, Interest Rate and Quantitative Analytics

Originally joining Hedge Trackers in 2011 as an IR derivative accountant, Christin Kauten now serves as the company’s Director of Finance and Human Resources and oversees all finance and HR-related functions. She holds a Master’s degree in accounting from UMKC.

Christin Kauten
Director, Finance & Human Resources

Based in Washington, D.C., Mary Ellen Saunders joined Hedge Trackers in 2016 as a Client Relationship Manager. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Mary Ellen has more than a decade of experience in the finance industry.

Mary Ellen Saunders
Director, Client Relationships

Client Engagement

Ruth has played an instrumental role in building the firm’s team of derivative specialists that partner with Corporations around the globe to provide outsourced derivative accounting, consulting, analytics and hedge accounting software. A qualified CPA, Ruth has an MBA and a BS in Finance.

Ruth Hardie
Senior Director, Client Services

Glenn Suarez was promoted from manager to director of client services at Hedge Trackers. He has nearly three decades of finance experience, including experience helping clients navigate ASC 815 (FAS 133) accounting rules. A CFA, he earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Stanford.

Glenn Suarez
Director, Client Services

Erika Etlen advances strategy, creative and execution for Hedge Trackers. Her 15+ years of experience includes marketing roles with E*TRADE Corporate Services and the Tax Technology & Software Division of Bloomberg Industry Group. She earned an M.S. in Strategic Communications from Fordham University.

Erika Etlen
Director, Marketing

Tyler has spent nearly two decades in the technical accounting software industry. His passion is to help rising FinTech companies bring their unique product sets to the marketplace. He is a CPA and holds both Masters and Bachelors in Accountancy from Brigham Young University.

Tyler Haws
Sales Lead

Jeff Goggins joined the Hedge Trackers team in 2016. A finance professional with more than a decade of experience, Jeff is a certified treasury professional and earned his BAs from Ohio University before moving on to earn his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Jeff M. Goggins
Consulting Manager

Annette Engel joined Hedge Trackers in 2018. She is a treasury professional with over ten years of experience in corporate finance and accounting, and she has over six years of client-side experience. Annette holds a Master of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of South Florida.

Annette Engel
Consulting Manager

Juan serves client with interest rate, foreign currency and commodity hedging needs, specializing in providing maximum economic risk mitigation benefits while adhering to hedge accounting under both US GAAP and IFRS. Prior to joining Hedge Trackers, Juan held a leadership role at Morgan Stanley.

Juan Enrique Arreola
Client Services Manager

Technical Experts

Stephanie Adams joined the Hedge Trackers team in 2014 as an IR derivative accountant, contributing her experience gained from work at a venture capital firm. Stephanie received her Master’s in Accounting from Brigham Young University.

Stephanie Adams
Derivative Accountant

A member of Hedge Trackers’ team of IR derivative accountants, Teresa Adams provides independent, transparent derivative valuations for clients in addition to testing and measuring IR hedge relationship effectiveness. Teresa earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa and is a CPA.

Teresa Adams
Sr. Derivative Accountant

Lorelei Clement is a member of the IR derivative accountant force at Hedge Trackers, having prior experience as a division finance officer at Bank of America. Lorelei is a CPA and earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree from Washington University.

Lorelei Clement
Sr. Derivative Accountant/Process Lead

Working for Hedge Trackers since 2007, Sherlyn Czachor serves as a member of the IR derivative accountant team, contributing, in particular, her expertise in interest rate swaps. Sherlyn received a Bachelor’s in Finance from Northern Illinois University.

Sherlyn Czachor
Sr. Derivative Accountant

Kelly Frank is a member of Hedge Trackers’ team of FX derivative accountants. In addition, Kelly plays an active role in testing new features and enhancements made to Hedge Trackers’ proprietary FX hedge accounting software solution, Capella.

Kelly Frank
Sr. Derivative Accountant

Laurie Garfield joined Hedge Trackers as an FX derivative accountant. Her areas of expertise include audit preparation and review, hedge accounting and using CapellaFX to manage FX currency accounting risk. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.

Laurie Garfield
Derivative Accountant

Liz Glenn joined Hedge Trackers in 2021 as an Interest Rate Derivative Accountant. She uses her experience in accounting and financial software development to help our clients with their derivative designations, valuations, accounting, and disclosures. Liz earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from BYU.

Liz Glenn
Derivative Accountant

A finance professional with nearly three decades of experience, Rayanne Gustlin provides clients with transparent derivative valuations. She also plays an active role in testing new features added to Hedge Trackers’ proprietary FX hedge accounting software solution, Capella.

Rayanne Gustlin
Sr. Derivative Accountant/Finance Program Manager

Rebecca Judge joined Hedge Trackers as a derivative analyst and has since moved to the position of Capella Support Manager. Her understanding of derivative accounting  and expert knowledge of Capella enable her to work with clients for the successful implementation of the software.

Rebecca Judge
Client Support & Solutions Director

An integral member of the Hedge Trackers team, Jennifer Keehlwetter serves as an FX derivative accountant and contributes to the testing of CapellaFX software. Jennifer is a CPA and earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from West Virginia University.

Jennifer Keehlwetter
Derivative Accountant

As a derivative accountant, Morgan Kolyn uses his intimate knowledge of Capella to provide user support, and also plays an active role in testing its new features. Morgan, who is fluent in French, holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Morgan Kolyn
Sr. Derivative Accountant

A treasury professional with nearly 20 years of experience, Rama Krishnamoorthy joined the Hedge Trackers team in 2015 as an FX derivative accountant. Rama earned an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and her BS in accounting and finance from UC Berkeley.

Rama Krishnamoorthy
Derivative Accountant

Brandi is on the team of technical experts as an IR Derivative Accountant. She specializes in hedge accounting, effectiveness testing and disclosures for IR derivative instruments. Brandi is a CPA with over 24 years of experience. She earned a BS in Accounting from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Brandi Ohland
Derivative Accountant

Jean Peng joined the Hedge Trackers team in 2016 as an FX derivative accountant. Her primary emphasis is the testing of new features and enhancements of CapellaFX. Jean is a graduate of the University of California – Los Angeles.

Jean Peng
Derivative Accountant

Elizabeth Rogers has been a member of Hedge Trackers since 2008 as an FX derivative accountant, handling the risk assessment and hedging for three major corporations as well as a variety of other clients. Liz also participates in testing new features of CapellaFX software.

Elizabeth Rogers
Derivative Accountant

Jennifer Stanger joined Hedge Trackers in 2010 and serves as a member of the firm’s FX derivatives accountants. In addition, Jennifer plays a role in testing enhancements made to CapellaFX, the company’s proprietary FX hedge accounting software.

Jennifer Stanger
Sr. Derivative Accountant

Annebelle Syrimis has been a member of the Hedge Trackers team since 2014. In her role as financial systems analyst, Annebelle works with users of Capella FX, Hedge Trackers’ proprietary FX hedge accounting software solution, fielding questions and testing new features.

Annebelle Syrimis
Finance Program Analyst

Trina Terry is a senior derivative analyst on Hedge Trackers’ team of IR derivative accountants. She provides transparent derivative valuations and tests and measures IR hedge relationship effectiveness for clients, in addition to communicating updates and disclosure requirements.

Trina Terry
Quantitative Consultant

Sheri joined the Hedge Trackers’ team with over a decade of experience in commodity derivative accounting and risk management in the CPG industry. She has a passion for details, technical accounting, and solving puzzles. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Kent State University.

Sheri Troyer
Client Support & Solutions Senior Analyst

Lisa Wallace serves as an FX hedge accountant as well as technical lead for Hedge Trackers’ FX outsourcing group. Lisa prepares month- and quarter-end journal entries and disclosure tables, in addition to testing new features made to Capella software.

Lisa Wallace
Senior Technical Accountant/Technical Lead

Diana Whitlach, CPA, serves as both an FX and IR derivative accountant, contributing to the testing of new features and enhancements to CapellaFX software. Diana holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting from California State University at Northridge.

Diana Whitlach
Sr. Derivative Accountant