Derivative Accounting & Hedge Program Management

Interest Rates

Quantifying interest rate exposure and executing appropriate derivative strategies to mitigate that exposure is only half the battle in protecting financial statements from earnings volatility.

When it comes to keeping accounting risk at bay, corporations need a trusted partner with the experience and expertise to meet any challenge. With more than a decade of experience helping clients manage their interest rate exposure and associated derivative accounting, Hedge Trackers can be that partner.

From consulting on ASC 815 (formerly FAS 133) documentation and hedge program setup to SSAE 16 compliant outsourced derivative accounting, we specialize in guiding clients through the maze of interest rate hedge accounting.


Interest Rate Hedge Program Consulting

Hedge Trackers’ team of highly experienced consultants has guided corporations and financial institutions through the challenging world of derivative hedge accounting for more than a decade.

We have implemented more than 500 derivative accounting-compliant hedge programs, and continue to focus on providing clients with in-depth, actionable information on official guidance, current interpretations and best practices.

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Interest Rate Derivative Accounting

Due to the complexity and evolving nature of the field, few corporations have the resources to maintain in-house derivative accounting staffs.

Rather than reassigning sophisticated accounting resources at month- and quarter-end, many companies have come to rely on Hedge Trackers’ team of derivative accountants to prepare SSAE 16 compliant derivative entries, including derivatives that are independently valued, effectiveness testing and measures of the current-period effectiveness of the hedge relationship.

Employing our outsourced services empowers corporations to deploy top talent for accounting issues related to their core business, rather than meeting tricky, time-consuming derivative accounting requirements.

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Interest Rate Hedge Accounting Training

At Hedge Trackers, we believe that successful interest rate hedge accounting programs are designed and maintained by individuals and corporations who understand both the economics and the accounting of derivatives.

That’s why we strive to share our hard-won knowledge and expertise by providing clients with convenient, comprehensive training sessions.

We offer courses at our Silicon Valley training center, as well as customized client site training for treasury and accounting teams and executives. We also offer regular webinars, allowing clients to stay current with proposed changes to ASC 815 (FAS 133) and derivative accounting addendums.

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