Derivative Accounting & Hedge Program Management

Foreign Currency

Most corporations doing business internationally recognize the need to implement a hedge program in order to mitigate foreign exchange risk. Few, however, have the internal bandwidth to do so efficiently and effectively.

Hedge Trackers exists to solve that problem. We provide clients with comprehensive solutions and services to plan, execute and maintain highly effective, compliant foreign currency hedge programs – balance sheet, cash flow, fair value or net investment.

Because no two clients are alike, we specialize in finding and deploying the ideal mix of consulting, outsourcing, software and training services – all underpinned by more than a decade of experience and an unrivaled team of derivative accountants, consultants and developers.


CapellaFX Hedge Accounting Software

Affordable, reliable, and complete, Capella Foreign Currency is a user-friendly and feature-rich software as a service (SaaS) solution for managing and accounting for foreign currency hedge programs in compliance with ASC 815 and IFRS 9.

Capella FX Software

Designed to support treasury and accounting departments at both fast-growing firms and large established corporations, Capella Foreign Currency easily manages perfect FX hedging relationships. In addition, Capella Foreign Currency accurately – and within the system – manages imperfections resulting from mismatches in hedges and exposures that impact hedge accounting.

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FX Hedge Program Consulting

Our experienced consultants work with clients to overcome a wide range of currency risk management challenges: understanding management’s objectives and expectations of a hedge program; connecting those expectations to a strategy; and structuring performance reporting to evaluate the program against those objectives

Hedge Trackers consultants specialize in implementation and re-engineering balance sheet, cash flow, fair value and net investment hedge programs.

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Outsourced FX Hedge Accounting

Due to the complexity and evolving nature of the field, few corporations have the resources to maintain in-house derivative accounting staffs.

Rather than reassigning sophisticated accounting resources at month- and quarter-end, many companies have come to rely on Hedge Trackers’ team of FX-specialized derivative accountants to prepare journal entries and disclosure tables for balance sheet, cash flow, fair value and net investment hedges.

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FX Hedge Accounting Training

At Hedge Trackers, we believe that successful foreign currency hedge accounting programs are designed and maintained by individuals and corporations who understand both the economics and the accounting of their exposures and their derivatives.

That’s why we strive to share our deep technical knowledge and expertise by providing clients with convenient, comprehensive training sessions.

We offer courses at our Silicon Valley training center, as well as customized client site training for treasury and accounting teams. We also offer regular webinars facilitating clients to stay current with proposed changes to ASC 815 (FAS 133) and derivative accounting addendums.

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