Stabilize Your Financial Institution’s Risk with IR Hedging

Protect your financial institution’s earnings, capital and solvency from market rate exposure with interest rate hedging. Team up with Hedge Trackers for help managing your hedge portfolio – with support and education every step of the way.


Get Ahead of IR Risk with Hedge Trackers

Interest rate risk management is more important now than ever for depository institutions of all sizes. Protect your financial institution from the future impact of market movements by deploying an effective hedge program that helps you track, mitigate, and report on interest rate risk.

Launch an IR Hedge Program to Manage Risk

  • - Evaluate underlying interest rate risks, develop policy and align hedging strategies and instruments with risk objectives.

    - Model and value swaps, caps, collars, and more complex instruments, and generate fast, automatic journal entry outputs with our interest rate risk management software, CapellaIR.

    - Stay on top of market changes, especially related to reference rate reform.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • - Ensure compliance with US GAAP ASC 815.

    - Improve SOX controls and stay fully compliant with SSAE 18 guidelines.

    -Always be prepared for audits with established policies for risk management and hedge accounting.

  • IR Risk Management For:

    • Credit Unions
    • Community Banks
    • Savings & Loan Associations
    • Commercial Banks

''Hedge Trackers provided expert advice on the strategy and outlined what our credit union would need to do operationally to maintain hedge effectiveness.''

- Credit Union Treasurer


How We Work
With Financial Institutions

  • Consulting

    Navigate hedging strategies with expert guidance. Tackle designations, control structure and more, while gaining confidence in your risk management toolkit from hedge accounting consultants.

  • Derivative Accounting

    Partner with our team of derivative accountants for help implementing and maintaining your interest rate hedge program.

  • Software

    Use CapellaIR—interest rate risk management software for financial institutions—to track and manage derivatives that offset interest rate risk.

How Can We Help You?

Learn how we can help your treasury and accounting teams build an expert IR hedge program for your company.