Create Predictability in Corporate Financial Statements

Corporate financial risk management is all about protecting your company’s bottom line from foreign exchange and interest rate risk. Hedge Trackers helps companies across the globe identify, track and manage financial risk by developing sound, customized FX or IR hedge programs.


Get Ahead of FX & IR Risk With Hedge Trackers

Understand the future impact of currency or interest rate movements on your earnings with Hedge Trackers’ full range of corporate financial risk management solutions.

Foreign Currency Risk

  • - Create risk management and derivative accounting policies.

    - Manage the full lifecycle of foreign currency exposures and derivatives in our end-to-end foreign currency risk management software, CapellaFX.

    - Implement a balance sheet hedge program to mitigate FX gain/loss.

    - Protect margin through cash flow hedge programs.

    - Understand how net investment hedging strategies can deliver economic results.

Interest Rate Risk

  • - Evaluate underlying interest rate risks, develop policy and align hedging strategies and instruments with risk objectives.

    - Model and value complex swaps, caps and collars, get independent market valuations, and get fast, automatic journal entry outputs with our interest rate risk management software, CapellaIR.

    - Meet SEC requirements easily with comprehensive audit preparation and faster compliance reporting.

    - Stay on top of market changes related to reference rate reform.

''Hedging carries a lot of risk, has a lot of complexity, and garners a lot of audit attention so the fact that every person we work with at Hedge Trackers has expertise gave us–and continues to give us–a lot of comfort.''

- Kevin Beck, Assistant Treasury, Timken


How We Work

  • Consulting

    Get hedging strategy guidance and gain confidence in your risk management toolkit from expert, U.S.-based hedge accounting consultants.

  • Derivative Accounting

    Partner with our team of derivative accountants for help executing your FX or IR hedge program.

  • Software

    Manage everything from exposures to disclosures with the world’s leading risk management software, CapellaFX and CapellaIR.

How Can We Help You?

Learn how we can help your treasury and accounting teams build an expert FX and/or IR hedge program for your company.