Hedge Accounting Software

Manage the Life Cycle of FX Derivatives

All your critical data in one place

CapellaFX integrates with trading portals, ERP software and back-office system workflows.

Expert hedge program support

Our support team consists of hedge accountants and CPAs – not call center technicians.

100% accounting compliance

CapellaFX helps keep your hedge accounting program compliant with ASC 815 or IFRS 9.

Track foreign exchange derivatives from inception to maturity, including trade details and designations, valuations, effectiveness testing and ASC 815 compliant journal entries.

Control All Aspects of FX Hedge Accounting

CapellaFX was designed to help treasury and accounting departments across industries effectively manage foreign currency derivatives, hedge accounting and disclosures.

  • Derivative trade and hedge designation documentation
  • Effectiveness assessment
  • Debits and credits by entity in functional currency
  • Trade inventory management reporting
  • Exposure and forecast management
  • Consolidated Disclosure Reporting
  • Credit-adjusted, GAAP compliant derivative valuations
  • Back-to-back trading feature supports centralized trading while satisfying local tax and GAAP requirements
  • Trade portal, ERP and Treasury Management System integration
Capella FX

Protect Your Margins in Every Market

CapellaFX helps account for perfect and imperfect hedge relationships including mismatches between hedges and exposures, as well as unforeseen changes to forecasts. This helps you:

  • Track the lifecycle of foreign exchange derivatives from inception to realization
  • Improve economic hedge effectiveness and increase operational efficiency
  • Establish role based controls
  • Stay compliant with U.S. and International GAAP
  • Be better prepared for audits

Reconcile FX Gain/Loss
with Hedge Program Analytics

Organizations that don’t reconcile FX gains and losses make more accounting errors and misguided hedging decisions, leading to poorer hedge performance and lack of controls.
Our Reconcile to Zero™ (RTZ) FX gain/loss analytics module makes it easier for companies to get the timely, accurate and actionable data they need to improve Balance Sheet hedge program results and foreign currency gain/loss reconciliations.
Capella RTZ

As an integral part of CapellaFX, RTZ Module™ helps you:

  • Analyze exposures, currency conversion impacts and Balance Sheet hedge program effectiveness
  • Automate time-consuming tasks so your team can analyze information instead of mining data
  • Access consolidated FX gain/loss reporting by currency and entity
  • Categorize and communicate sources of FX gains and losses
  • Fully reconcile foreign exchange re-measurement gain/loss
  • Mitigate foreign exchange volatility
  • Separate the impact of un-hedged currencies, over/under hedging, trade timing, forward points, and excluded time value on the FX gain/loss line
  • Provide oversight to foreign entity FX reporting

Protect Your Margins at All Costs

Learn how to track and manage exposure risks more effectively, with Capella.



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