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CapellaFX Hedge Accounting Software


Developed by the leading minds in the field of derivative accounting, Hedge Trackers’ Capella Foreign Currency hedge accounting software provides exposure tracking, trade management, journal entry preparation and disclosure reporting to manage your foreign currency and derivative accounting risks.

Designed to support treasury and accounting departments at both fast-growing firms and large established corporations, Capella Foreign Currency easily and accurately manages perfect FX hedging relationships. In addition, Capella Foreign Currency accommodates hedge ineffectiveness and imperfections resulting from mismatches in hedges and exposures, as well as unforeseen changes to forecasts, which can impact associated hedges.

The results? Improved economic effectiveness due to the centralization of FX exposures and derivatives; increased operational efficiency; significant cost reductions; standardized controls; and compliance with U.S. and IFRS GAAP as well as audit interpretations and expectations.

Fully Backed by Hedge Trackers Experts

Capella Foreign Currency is the only hedge software supported by Hedge Trackers’ industry-leading team of derivative accountants and consultants – not call center technicians. In fact, our derivative accounting outsourcing team uses the software on a monthly basis, allowing us to continually adapt Capella Foreign Currency to constantly shifting audit requirements and best practices.

Seamless Integration, Enterprise-Wide

Corporate treasury and accounting departments can use Capella Foreign Currency to link derivative management with back-office systems, trading portals and ERP software. This rich integration eliminates inefficient, mistake-prone redundant data entry, while allowing for a cohesive risk management workflow.

Backed by Hedge Trackers’ team of derivative accounting consultants and CPAs, Capella Foreign Currency is best-in-class SaaS software for FAS 133/ASC 815/IFRS 9 compliant management of FX exposure.

Full Lifecycle Derivative Tracking

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Capella Foreign Currency tracks the life of a foreign exchange derivative from inception to realization. It documents the related trade details and designations, then outputs valuations, effectiveness testing and journal entries – both by entity and in each entity’s functional currency.

CapellaFX offers solutions for all aspects of foreign exchange hedge accounting, including:

  • Trade documentation
  • Effectiveness measurement and assessment
  • Debits and credits by entity in functional currency
  • Trade inventory management
  • Exposure tracking
  • Reporting
  • Credit-adjusted, GAAP- and IFRS-compliant derivative valuations
  • Market data
  • Trade portal interface and ERP system integration

New from Hedge Trackers, Reconcile to ZeroTM (RTZ) is a comprehensive analytics tool designed to quickly categorize the sources of FX gains and losses, providing organizations with actionable data, improved SOX controls and a clear path to mitigating foreign exchange volatility.

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Capella Foreign Currency: Hedge Software from the Hedge Accounting Experts

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