Hedge Accounting Software

Manage exposures, disclosures & everything in between.

Total Hedge Accounting Management

Track the full lifecycle of every hedging relationship, from strategy and trading to valuation and audit support.

100% Compliant

Standardize controls and ensure U.S. & IFRS GAAP compliance with FAS 133/ASC 815/IFRS 9 compliant reporting.

Secure 24/7 Access

Manage the details of any hedging relationship from any device with secure, cloud-based access. No hardware required.

Expert Boutique Support

Get instant answers from our Silicon Valley-based team of developers and derivative accounting specialists.

Get Control Over Your Hedge Program

Capella helps treasury and accounting departments easily manage foreign currency and interest rate hedging relationships. The software makes it easier to catch mistakes and correct imperfections and forecast changes from hedge-exposure mismatches. All of which makes your hedge program more effective, efficient and compliant.

Reconcile Noisy FX Gain/Loss

Record, consolidate and trade exposures, centrally or remotely, and erase the disconnect between your hedges and accounting.

Hedge Without Spreadsheets

Document trade details, designations, valuations, effectiveness testing and journal entries, both by entity and currency.

Meet Auditor Expectations

Stay prepared with credit-adjusted, GAAP- and IFRS-compliant derivative valuations, and audit interpretations and expectations.

Integrate Accounting Workflows

Link hedge accounting with your back-office systems, trading portals and ERP software and eliminate errors and redundant data entry.

Protect Your Margin at All Costs

Learn how to track and manage risk more effectively, with Capella.

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Hedge Accounting Software Solutions

Manage exposure tracking, trade management, journal entry preparation and disclosure reporting for foreign currency risks.

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Get automated month-end derivative accounting reports including CVA, SOX controls and qualitative effectiveness testing for interest rate risks.

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