Hedge Accounting
& Valuation Software

Make It Easy to Manage IR Risk

All your critical data in one place

CapellaIR integrates with ERP software and back-office system workflows.

Expert hedge program support

Our support team consists of hedge accountants and CPAs – not call center technicians.

100% compliant IR management

CapellaIR helps you stay compliant for ASC 815 for IR management.

Reinvent How You Manage IR Risk

Model and value even the most complex and nuanced swaps, caps and collars with secure, compliant IR risk management software.

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Capella IR

Automate Month-End IR Accounting

CapellaIR outputs full journal entries – not just partial information for another system. This helps treasury and accounting teams automate month-end accounting and track and manage interest rate risk more accurately.

  • SOC 1 compliant journal entries
  • SOX controls
  • Qualitative effectiveness testing
  • Independent market valuations including:
    • Up-to-date market interest rate and credit data
    • Cash flow details by period
    • CVA adjustments

Monitor IR Exposure with On-Demand Valuations

CapellaIR makes it easy to closely monitor and quickly identify interest rate exposure, helping you offset exposure risk with targeted hedging tools.

  • Model and value complex swaps, caps and collars
  • Output full and accurate journal entries
  • Month-end journal entries and SOX controls

IR Hedge Accounting & Valuation Consulting

CapellaIR comes with expert support from technical consultants in hedge program management and derivative accounting. The Hedge Trackers team can help you:

  • Improve cross-departmental collaboration between Treasury, Accounting, Tax and FP&A
  • Evaluate derivatives and underlying interest rate risks with expertise tailored to your specific business needs
  • Align the economics and accounting with your risk objectives