CEO Helen Kane on Explains FX Hedging Benefits

Hedging is all about protecting, offsetting risk, and exchanging undesirable risk for desirable risk.

In this article, Hedge Tracker’s CEO Helen Kane outlines three things CFOs need to know about FX hedging. Read the article HERE.


About Hedge Trackers LLC

Hedge Trackers is the premier provider of consulting, outsourced derivative accounting, software and training services for firms that need to plan, execute or maintain a foreign currency, interest rate or commodity hedging program. Global companies ranging from pre-IPO to the Fortune 100 spanning industries like technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, defense, energy and banking rely on Hedge Trackers’ mix of solutions to manage and reduce financial risk. The Silicon Valley-based, woman-owned company has empowered organizations to take control of their risk management processes and protect their margins since 2000.

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