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If you’re reading the Hedge Trackers blog, you’re probably responsible for helping your company mitigate foreign currency, interest rate or commodity risk.

There are myriad individuals like you at companies across the nation, and your needs are by no means the same. Some corporates are just dipping their toes into hedging, while others have long-established programs that could use an expert’s review or a new piece of technology.

No matter who you are, we can help. “Who Are You?”, our new interactive experience, is designed to help professionals like yourself quickly and easily identify your situation, access relevant content and find the answers to your question.

Whether you’re hoping to fix a commodity cost, find an outsourced derivative accountant, start a cash flow FX hedge program, lock an interest rate for a future debt issuance or nearly anything else, we’re here to help. To try “Who Are You?”, head to and select your scenario. You’ll have rich, relevant content like blog posts, white papers and case studies in no time.