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Helen Kane Weighs in on FASB Changes for Treasury & Risk Article

Helen Kane, Hedge Trackers president, explains why she believes proposed changes to the rules governing hedge accounting are "the best thing that has happened to corporate hedging in decades" in this Treasury & Risk article.

Crain's Silicon Valley Profiles Helen Kane in "If I Knew Then" Column

Helen Kane talks about the biggest business misstep she's taken since founding Hedge Trackers and about how she rectified the issue to make the company even stronger.

Hedge Trackers Professionals to Speak at AFP Annual Conference

Hedge Trackers President Helen Kane to lead pre-conference session at AFP; Director of Client Services Sandra Koch to speak with Jabil Circuit, Inc. on how to set up a best-in-class FX hedge program.

Hedge Trackers Helen Kane Weighs In on Proposed Rules from FASB in Treasury & Risk Article

FASB's proposed changes to hedge accounting could make things a little easier for the corporate hedging community. Learn how -- and why Hedge Trackers Helen Kane says the rules would be "...the best thing that has happened to corporate hedging in decades."