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CapellaFX Trade Approval App

Long waits for approvals have traditionally frustrated traders. Not anymore. Introducing the Capella FX Trade Approval App, the easiest way for supervisory personnel to approve or reject pending trades in real time, directly on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Capella FX  Trade Approval AppThe app, available on the App Store and the Google Play store, allows authorized individuals to quickly view pending trades and approve or reject them – anytime, anywhere.

Using the Capella FX Trade Approval App couldn’t be easier. A list of prepared, unapproved trades first appears on the screen, with a blank checkbox for each. Approval is as easy as a tap of the finger. Additional details on each trade can be accessed with an extended press. The Capella FX Trade Approval App is the ultimate tool for busy hedge program managers – and a great way to extract even more value from your investment in Capella hedge accounting software. Use the form at right to learn more, or download using the buttons below!

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